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urban lofts, Berlin 2013

These two apartments are located in central Berlin, close to the river Spree in a very Berlin-specific building typology. The building was planned and used as a textile manufacturing site, yet the street facade does not convey the usage and is shaped similarly to a normal apartment block. The Holzmarkt Quarter, a former industrial zone is an up and coming district where many old industrial and storage buildings are converted to accommodate contemporary communities and live-work concepts. Both flats are designed, to allow this combination of living and working spaces; it was important to keep the sense of a large open space, so none of the dividing walls touch the ceiling, so that its typical late 19th century ceiling structure remains intact. Additional spaces (bathrooms, toilets, wardrobes) are carefully placed to produce more intimate spaces within the overall open area. Both flats have a basic rough asphalt -based terrazzo floor, similar in feel to its original intention - a textile producing company. Additional large 200 year old wooden planks are placed to give the spaces a warmer and cosy appearance.

Addis Ababa completed 2017

This apartment building is located in a quiet neighbourhood in the south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, close to the International Bole airport. The client, a coffee producing company asked for a contemporary approach to solve the increasing difficulties in the rental market in AA for its employees; providing secure homes for employees, thirteen individually designed micro-apartments ranging 12 to 68 sqm were composed - all with papyros and endemic plant selected gardens, common water-saving washing facilities, a shared roof top with sports facilities, and shared parking. Extended back up systems for power+water cuts are provided, as water access is sporadic and - depending on the season can sometimes fail for several days; a thermal collector is placed on the roof top to allow for energy independent hot water during day and night. The electricity system is divided into “normal” and “safe” use, making sure 2 sockets, fridge and emergency lighting works in times of no / little access. Most external materials are locally produced, including recycled bricks from demolished houses, the interior cupboards, beds and furniture are designed and manufactured locally. Specific technical furniture ( lighting, kitchens and sanitary objects are imported to ensure quality and longevity. Design team: Julia Mauser, Brook Teklehaimanot, Mike W. Negatu Contractor: Mafer plc Structure: Michael Kebede

Bole, Addis Ababa, 2019-2022

Mayfair apartments, a G+12 apartment building in the center of Addis Ababa is a collaboration of investors aiming to provide unique apartment spaces for the modern family. Crowned with two penthouses, emergency staircases and any public space is used to make you move around and experience the city from different angles, heights and perspectives.

Each pot consists of double spheres, which are approximately 45 cm in diameter. The spherical geometry enables them to be stacked one on the other to compose a structurally stable assembly. The geometry of the pot minimizes contact between one another improving their contact to the atmospheric air, necessary for the cooling. The pots are connected by a rope woven on each pot: facilitating the assembly; ensuring its structural stability; and providing a water channel in between each pot. Six vertical layers of pots make a 2.4 high wall. Stacking the pots has multiple advantages: the wall will be easy to construct and because of its modularity, it can always grow. The top pots will be watered on a daily basis and gravity will enable the distribution of the water through the entire wall system in turn optimizing water usage.

WeloSefer, Addis Ababa,2021
2welosefer collage.jpg

MuleTower is a cutting-edge architectural project located in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the vibrant area of Welo Sefer. Standing tall at 19 storeys, this mixed-use building is designed to be a new urban center, combining commercial spaces, state-of-the-art offices, and 95 modern spacious apartments. The building's 19 storeys are dedicated to various uses; embracing the spirit of community and culture, the lower floors are thoughtfully crafted to offer a welcoming commercial environment - like an open market place: different types of international food stalls, invite neighboring office workers and passers to informal meals; additionally the ground and first floor house intimate spaces that are dedicated to promoting local businesses + locally crafted products, giving artisans and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their talent and create a bustling atmosphere. The upper commercial floors contain entertainment areas for kids and youth and grown ups -carefully integrated, providing a safe and enjoyable space for families. The kindergarten offers a nurturing environment for young children. The tower comprises 1 to 5-bedroom flats varying between 38-200 square meters, designed to be simple yet high-quality spaces. Each apartment is meticulously crafted to provide comfort and functionality, catering to the needs of diverse residents. Natural light and natural ventilation are emphasized to create a sense of openness and well-being where as the two major indoor gardens play a huge role to control the internal climate of the building. The façade is an artistic marvel, featuring trellises and vertical gardens adorned with five different types of climbing flowers. As the seasons change, the colors of the flowers will transform, providing a visually stunning experience for passersby. The hanging gardens are well-maintained from the exterior, ensuring the beauty of the building is evergreen and always reachable without distracting the buzzing interior. Adding a touch of natural beauty to the cityscape, this building stands out and attracts life like a blossoming flower.

10th floor.png

Collaborative approach: The entrance of MuleTower is a collaborative work of local artists and architects. The design captures the essence of Addis culture and heritage, making it a unique and captivating feature of the building. The entrance serves as an open invitation for everyone to explore and experience the richness of Ethiopian art and culture. Unlike traditional towering structures, MuleTower seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The building's design encourages connectivity with the neighborhood rather than isolating itself. The tower represents a significant leap in architectural innovation and community-centered design. With a thoughtful blend of commercial spaces, state-of-the-art offices, and modern apartments, the tower is set to redefine the urban landscape of WeloSefer and Addis Ababa. Embracing local culture, art, and nature, MuleTower aspires to be a welcoming landmark that beckons visitors and residents alike to explore and experience the heart of Addis Ababa's vibrant urban center.

Addis Ababa, various locations 2017-2021
Addis Ababa,  2017-2022

The Goethe Institute in Addis Ababa is a vibrant place where people are introduced to the German culture and language. In order to accomodate the expanding need , we coordinated and supervised construction works over several years: Classrooms, staff rooms, a newly equipped library, a sound recording studio for radio and other recordings, teacher and admin rooms and a new staff kitchen as well as the central Café and exterior works.

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