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Our office participates regularly in workshops  and competitions related to small+ large - scale improvements of our immediate environment.

Experiments are conducted regarding research on landscaping, sanitary improvements, technical research or urban infrastructures.

We engage with other architects, students, communities and researchers to focus on the development of an idea, its construction and we try to monitor the results over time to reevaluate the projects accoringly. Some of the works you find here

landscaping workshop for roundabout
Robe/Bale, Ethiopia, 2022

dry toilets and nurseries for coffee plants

for a Coffee Farmers in Sheka

a high ropes course 
for Addis Abba

landscaping workshop
for coffee processing station in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

clay cooling
How might urban slum communities become more resilient to the effects of climate change?

environmental envelopes
Construction workshop;  1:1 prototype facade with locally resourced materials, EiABC

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