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Heven house is located about an hour car drive from Toronto, Canada. The house is designed for a family that wanted to build a live and work space in the countryside away from the noisy city centre. It is primarily a weekend retreat for family and friends yet the space allows for a permanent residence during quiet working periods. The project developed from the idea of a continuous space, with an 360-degree visual exchange between the interior and the exterior landscape. At its core lies an internal patio, safe for children and protected from the harsh winter winds. the entire circulation is wrapped around it to allow as much light and air into the building core as possible. this circulation space also works as a climatic buffer zone, between the actual living rooms and the open interior. Two opposing entrances allow for the separation of the private family use and the more public office area. Delivering and collecting goods is possible at an elevated loading dock at the ground level. The house is wrapped in a wooden vertical cladding pattern, a material and geometry that blends into the high-rise birch woods surrounding and camouflaging it. Preliminary Design Team: Adiam Sertzu, Julia Mauser

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