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Berlin Office:

Julia Mauser

Michaelkirchstr. 15

10179 Berlin

+ 49 1577 3811177

Steuernummer: 034/437/01177, Finanzamt Berlin-Mitte

Addis Office:

Aenki Architecture Plc

Yeka Subcity, Woreda 06

Addis Ababa

+ 251 929 436 736

TIN number: 0054 30 31 04



a team of creative professionals dedicated to deliver innovative design for the natural + built environment, starting from early conceptual works up to  execution and finishing works of buildings, landscaping, energy & resource innovation and building management techniques.


As designers we believe in individually tailored solutions for the built environment, to engage in economically valuable solutions as much as sound social impact by providing innovative spatial qualities.  With over two decades international experience, we are always looking for interesting collaborations with clients, crafts people to widen our horizons.



Julia Mauser

General Manager


Yayehirad Gezu

Landscape + Community work


Michael W. Negatu

Deputy Manager


Maraki Getachew




This initial report includes an overview of current local market trends, site analysis, potential risk analysis and other important factors for safe + timely implementation of a project. On request, additional services can be added (e.g. soil tests, site survey, render images or any specific research that might be crucial for the success of a project). A preliminary discussion with the client will define the adequate scope of work.



a typical design consultation starts with the discussion between clients + us to look at options concerning the program of a project. This can involves  studies on sizing and programmatic distribution, e.g. commercial vs. residential layouts in a large-scale development, programs (spas, restaurants etc.) and the implication of those (e.g.parking, services). This will result in a brochure including all the aspects of the clients requirements,  a rough layout + a cost estimate. Additional studies can be added on request.


The preliminary Design stage includes a set of architectural drawings (site plans, floor plans (- if needed sections,elevations, sketches, renders etc.). This service is usually conducted, when a client is uncertain about the program and needs to visualize various design options prior to the permit stage.  Further attention can be put to additional requirements (fire protection, sustainability issues, other regulations).



The planning permit is needed prior to the start of a construction. This service includes all necessary works for implementation including structural and architectural drawings as well as electrical and sanitary drawings and reports. The full package is then submitted to the planning office and usually requires some re-work or negotiation to finalize the permit process. This stage also includes a cost estimate of each of the four main consultant works.



supervision of works is crucial for a successful project, we are dedicated to follow the works, from early site planning to the last  finishing touches to make sure, all the materials are correctly on site, solving on site problems and making sure all involved parties can move within the  set schedule.


This service offers a full package for the client from the early design stage to the finished building. This includes an early collaboration between the architect and the contractor to develop all stages of design, permit and construction. This service is usually required if the project is a large-scale development, a series of repetitive / similar buildings or if the client requires minimum involvement.

All of the above mentioned services are conducted either within the office or in collaboration with additional consultants – according to need. Once the client defines the scope of work, services required will then be detailed, and discussed prior approval and execution.

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