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The site of AXUM WOMENS COOPERATIVE is centrally located in the new large western district of Axum. The urban layout is relatively densely planned, strictly orthogonal and provides individual "spots" for public or social facilities. The plot is a square of 56/56m (thus 3136sqm), with 2.50m to be kept clear of buildings all around the outside. There is a requirement of a minimum development of 75% of the plot area, that is, according to this requirement, the project should include at least 2352sqm of floor area. Concept The building for MAKEDA BRIGHT AFRICA should be a contribution recognizable as a special project and a friendly, inviting island within the planned, quite urban structure. Therefore, the necessary surrounding wall is not strictly on the site boundary, but partially releases some additional space for greenery (and parking). The quarry stone wall opens up to the various functions, is broken up by colored gates, as well as peepholes, and offers occasional glimpses of the interior. The main functions find space in individual light cubes, which contrast with the wall through design and material, "break through" it and thus become readable. Due to the loose arrangement of the buildings, different spaces are spanned inside the homestead, assigning the individual functions their own undisturbed area and allowing for a very situational design. The rooms are arranged according to the functional relationships to each other and according to the The functions of the cooperative (workshop / restaurant / store) are arranged around a large courtyard - there are different situations for entrance area, restaurant and agriculture, which with the greening of the courtyard and the roofed outdoor seating have a high quality of stay. Due to the exciting, staggered arrangement, the three buildings enter into dialogue with each other and invite visitors to stroll through and discover the complex. The upper floors provide space for additional functions, each of which is thematically related to the first floor (via Store > Guesthouse, via Restaurant > Event room, via Workshop > library, classroom, beauty, staff residence). Other service rooms, such as storage or office are also assigned to the individual functions. The kindergarten (common rooms) is centrally located in the complex and is also easily accessible from the cooperative / kitchen. The individual kindergarten rooms are arranged in a quiet area against the quarry stone wall and connected to the common rooms by their own landscaped courtyard (access from outside). The central roof of a wood/steel construction provides shade and connects the main functions as a special design element. The medical station finds space in a compact building and has its own access and courtyard, so that it can be operated self-sufficiently - in addition to the medical functions and pharmacy, guest rooms for doctors or emergency accommodation as a women's shelter on the upper floor would also be possible. The exact concept would have to be coordinated with the operator. Through the consistent design and clear disposition of the individual components and the materials (quarry stone wall / light-colored plaster / connecting roof) as well as the communicating arrangement of the monopitch roofs, the ensemble becomes readable as a whole. The interesting contrast of the quarry stone wall to the light cubes creates a design bridge of this special building to its urban surroundings. The courtyards are oriented to the south and well lit. Greenery and natural materials in the courtyards, as well as the interior design (clay plaster) give a warm atmosphere. Colorful accents in the window openings and the gates create orientation and a light, friendly appearance. Due to the simple, clear concept, the project can be implemented cost-effectively and with local materials and local construction methods.

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