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Comfort zone in the center of Kigali. The site placed on a cross point between a sprawling, dense city center and two green belts, providing food and comfort to the city. HHOA will tap into this infrastructure and create a place of natural comfort and calmness – through intelligent and cost-effective construction and landscaping. - A space to give and receive, a feeling of safety. The main entrance from the new street (@1518), – by foot or by car – leads through a series of pathways into the lower ground main Entrance to buildings (@1506). A series of stone walls are guiding the storm water through channels of stones + gravel before it will reach the retention basin. This water can be used for washrooms and gardens. Further food and stabilizer plants are dedicated to retaining water and guide the visitor towards the main entrance (can be done in phases). HHOA crafts three types of spaces: a) indoor –dust free and welcoming, b) roof – covered, intimate circulation space and c) open meditative gardens. Buildings are arranged for circulation routes to be short, covered and energy efficient – providing a system for natural light and ventilation where needed (9-month rainy season). Most of hallways are open towards the interior gardens, that are extended to the façade: mesh wires help the crawling plants - growing spaces of intimacy, joy and always changing experiences. Three layers of plants divide indoor and outdoor activities, a corridor of beans, pepper or cat’s claw creepers; placed primarily along the west facing (afternoon sun); the green curtain cools down the circulation and resting zones; allows wind to circulate to create a pleasant climate for staff and all visitors. At the operatory, the mesh and creepers additionally are placed act as teasers, forming a playful views and shadows from a patient’s perspective; naturally pigmented paints ranging will give each training zone an own color coding, by painting the metal structures accordingly. The prayer room is located next to the meditation garden, it is a peaceful place, lit though a slit above and with one prominent window facing the view corridor towards the morning sun (east). The proposal focuses on simple construction techniques - cost-effective design elements: minimizing excavation and semi-open circulation spaces to reduce costs where possible (construction costs estimate around 650USD/sqm). A layer of a seasonal changing landscapes gives the Hope Center healing power and playfulness for the everyday .

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