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MuleTower is a cutting-edge architectural project located in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the vibrant area of Welo Sefer. Standing tall at 19 storeys, this mixed-use building is designed to be a new urban center, combining commercial spaces, state-of-the-art offices, and 95 modern spacious apartments. ​ The building's 19 storeys are dedicated to various uses. Embracing the spirit of community and culture, the lower floors are thoughtfully crafted to offer a welcoming commercial environment - like an open market place: different types of international food stalls, invite neighboring office workers and passers to informal meals; additionally the ground and first floor house intimate spaces that are dedicated to promoting local businesses + locally crafted products, giving artisans and entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their talent and create a bustling atmosphere. The upper commercial floors contain entertainment areas for kids and youth and grown ups -carefully integrated, providing a safe and enjoyable space for families. The kindergarten offers a nurturing environment for young children. ​ The tower comprises 1 to 5-bedroom flats varying between 38-200 square meters, designed to be simple yet high-quality spaces. Each apartment is meticulously crafted to provide comfort and functionality, catering to the needs of diverse residents. Natural light and natural ventilation are emphasized to create a sense of openness and well-being where as the two major indoor gardens play a huge role to control the internal climate of the building. The façade is an artistic marvel, featuring trellises and vertical gardens adorned with five different types of climbing flowers. As the seasons change, the colors of the flowers will transform, providing a visually stunning experience for passersby. The hanging gardens are well-maintained from the exterior, ensuring the beauty of the building is evergreen and always reachable without distracting the buzzing interior. Adding a touch of natural beauty to the cityscape, this building stands out and attracts life like a blossoming flower. ​ Collaborative approach: The entrance of MuleTower is a collaborative work of local artists and architects. The design captures the essence of Addis culture and heritage, making it a unique and captivating feature of the building. The entrance serves as an open invitation for everyone to explore and experience the richness of Ethiopian art and culture. Unlike traditional towering structures, MuleTower seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The building's design encourages connectivity with the neighborhood rather than isolating itself. The tower represents a significant leap in architectural innovation and community-centered design. With a thoughtful blend of commercial spaces, state-of-the-art offices, and modern apartments, the tower is set to redefine the urban landscape of WeloSefer and Addis Ababa. Embracing local culture, art, and nature, MuleTower aspires to be a welcoming landmark that beckons visitors and residents alike to explore and experience the heart of Addis Ababa's vibrant urban center.

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