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These two apartments are located in central Berlin, close to the river Spree in a very Berlin-specific building typology. The building was planned and used as a textile manufacturing site, yet the street facade does not convey the usage and is shaped similarly to a normal apartment block. The Holzmarkt Quarter, a former industrial zone is an up and coming district where many old industrial and storage buildings are converted to accommodate contemporary communities and live-work concepts. Both flats are designed, to allow this combination of living and working spaces; it was important to keep the sense of a large open space, so none of the dividing walls touch the ceiling, so that its typical late 19th century ceiling structure remains intact. Additional spaces (bathrooms, toilets, wardrobes) are carefully placed to produce more intimate spaces within the overall open area. Both flats have a basic rough asphalt -based terrazzo floor, similar in feel to its original intention - a textile producing company. Additional large 200 year old wooden planks are placed to give the spaces a warmer and cosy appearance.

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