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This project is located within the extents of the bavarian Alps, a hilly landscape formed during the previous ice epoch. The barn is located on the tip of this landscape in a small farmers village. the conversion is planned to allow a second family to move from the city to this stunning landscape. Most of the existing structural system is kept to its full extend to save costs and additional materials. The interior space is divided into three corridors, whereas the central one will be kept at its full length without any walls. Formally used for storing large farming machinery, the double height space is accessed through two large sliding doors, which will be reinstalled. both lateral corridors will provide sleeping, working and guest rooms, on the elevated ground floor and a second level, partly already in existence for storing old tools and farmers machinery. The elongated interior corridor is the common area, it is the place to celebrate from sunset to sunrise, the living corner bounded by two large scale windows facing east and west.

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